MOSEK Optimization Server

The MOSEK Optimization Server is a demo service that solves optimization problems using MOSEK.

Try it out

This service allows you to try out MOSEK remote optimization. It also means you can solve small MOSEK problems without having a local license on your machine. You model your problem on your client machine, but replace the optimizer call with a remote optimize call to this service using

  • host =
  • port = 30080

Your API's manual has instructions on how to do this. Ready examples and precise details can be found on the instructions page.

In the browser

Thanks to this service you can experience MOSEK directly in the browser without any setup.

  • Python: With a Google account you can run MOSEK in Google Colab. The full Python MOSEK interface is available.
  • Javascript: Launch the Javascript Fusion Online Editor to start coding in the MOSEK Fusion API. This experimental Javascript interface provides an almost complete Fusion API with many examples. There is also some fun on the Demos page.


The MOSEK Optimization Server (OptServer), which runs the back-end for this service, is available as part of the MOSEK Optimization Suite. You can install your own instance of the OptServer by following the installation instructions.

With this Docker image you can set up a small self-contained demo instance of the OptServer in no time.

Terms of use

Summary: The service can only be used for testing, evaluation, educational and demonstration purposes. There is a limit of 1000 variables and 1000 constraints and a time limit of 20 seconds. Note that problem data is sent over unencrypted HTTP. Full statement on the Terms of Use page.